Ant Control

ant control

Ants specifications:

The length of the ant from 2 millimeters to 25 millimeters and has a large head, her belly oval-shaped and have their jaws can carry very heavy things and have two internal antennas to chew food .

It has been proven through science that there is a special language for ants in which they get along and communicate closely or after, And used his head to think and make the necessary calculations and the alarm when being attacked It also has a six-legged and Tentacles, as God’s given her the ability to secrete chemicals disinfectant which it can sterilize the nest and eggs so as not to affect the bacteria and fungi, and also secrete ant Alnmlik acid which is a narcotic for the discount to be able to defend itself .

Ant can produce many eggs is estimated in the millions and have the ability to secrete  antiseptic and sterile until from you and its  save these eggs sound from any bacteria or disliked may infect .

 harms of ants:

* As for the damage its working on the contamination of food so we must get rid of it plus it is possible that some of the people affected and infected with diseases .

*Ants can lead to children death in many ways .

How to get rid of ants?

There are many natural ways to get rid of ants:

1)Can get rid of ants through the peel cucumber where the peel  cucumber is considered a toxic substance for ants .

2)It can also get rid of the ants by sesame and sesame seeds by placing the pot uncovered near the ants gathering because it has the ability to disrupt the sense of smell among ants and reliable access to food .

3)There is also to get rid of ants through the chalk and draw chalk lines around the entrances of ants on his passes because the ants does not reflect on these lines at all .

But if all these methods become useless and is one of the temporary solutions that do not benefit anything but it is working to prevent the ants only a temporary period and getting rid of ants after spreading in  the house is very  difficult thing, but now with Mazaya pest control will completely eliminate the ants and all kinds of insects and in a secure manner through a group of specialists in the extermination of insects of all kinds  .

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