Fleas control

Fleas control

What do you Know about Fleas ??

Fleas is the  arch-enemy of human   generally and  cats specially . Some people called it resident evil . There is two hundred   different strains  of fleas exist around the world .

Flea insect is very small in size, live and feed on the blood of humans .It’s a danger insect which may cause some serious diseases such as typhus or plague . 

Tips for prevention of fleas

– Keep your lounges clean specially the wooden  and remove dust and sand from it  with care .

– Sweep carpets and  floor by brooms .

– don’t use regular smoke generators in closed rooms and basements.


What is available solution  at the injury of fleas bite ?

 The best treatment is to combat fleas by pesticides .

 We recommend the importance of using  tablets placed in the electricity system at  night .

  If fleas  bite you , put cortisone ointment on the sting place .

  If there is a lot of bites you must take anti-histamine.


How to vanish fleas from houses ? You can contact Mazaya pest control company which  specializing in the use of the latest technology to get rid of fleas completely. 


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