Fly Control

fly control

What is the Flies?

Flies is one of the insects that exist in all places around us, you can see it at home, work, the street, and in all places,We can eliminate flies and get rid of it in various ways, as there are invasive insect flies eat and drink,Strangely enough, and that we are seeing in our homes and streets represents only one kind of hundred thousand kinds of flies .

Female flies  bleatching around hundred egg  and released them at the dirt and within just one day hatch eggs as a result of all the larvae feed on the dirt and in less than two weeks its grow complete ,and this tiny creatures called flies .

Types of flies:

*Black flies:  plentiful at home.

*Green flies: This type likes to come to the smell of blood and sacrifices because it has a strong sense of smell is attracted to the place of slaughter cattle and  this type prefer  put an egg in places where blood exist .

*Blue Flies:graves Flies called so because its live on the bodies Bearing eggs on corpses, its live and feed on the bodies and this flies inferr corpses quickly .

*White flies: this type called  so because its wings covered with such white wax and take food from succulents in the plant so they cause a lot of damage on plants such as loss and wilting leaves .

Damage of flies:

1)Transmission of diseases to humans, where he is able to transfer large amounts of bacteria, such as cholera and some eye diseases .

2) annoying Insect ,while flying around somebody, leading to tension and distress to humans .

How to get rid of the flies?

If you suffer from the presence of an insect flies at home and want to get rid of them you will need to follow some of the ways that will can reduce the presence of flies, such as the restoration of pesticides that work to get rid of the flies, close the windows of the rooms that sneaks through which the flies .

But if you tried all  roads without any avail you can resort to Mazaya pest control company that have experts from the high efficiency in the control safe for all kinds of different insects inside the house.

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