Mosquito control

Mosquitos control

What is Mosquito ?

The Mosquito or what is also called Balgars considered as a problem which  a lot of people  suffer from , especially at the coming of the summer and warmer temperatures 

Mosquito specifications:: An insect, female, has a hundred eyes in its head, has 48 teeth, has three hearts, has three wings at each end .

Equipped with a thermal device works like an infrared system to do this function: convert human skin color in the dark to purple color in order to see it .

Has a local anesthetic which help mosquito prick by its needle and human just feel the bite after sucking blood .

Equipped with a sniff   which make it  can smell the human
perspiration from a distance  up to 60 kilometers .

Mosquito Injury

  • Sucking  blood and harass human .
  • The transfer of many parasitic diseases to humans and domesticated animals .
  • Some types of mosquito transfer  some viral diseases in humans and horses .


Mosquito Control 

  1.    Using a thermal fog .
  2.    Using cold spray .
  3.    Spray on surfaces with the remaining impact .
  4.    Rinsing your body a little medical Vaseline that make mosquito not able to see you .
  5.  You can get rid of the mosquitoes through the whole house steaming normal incense , it is known that mosquitoes hate the smell of smoke because it is believed that there had been a fire and escape, the method is guaranteed but it does not fit for children .

But there is an optimum way to keep mosquitoes away of your home , for enjoying it you just need to call Mazaya pest control which  enable you from wholly getting rid of mosquitoes .

Mazaya pest control characterized as being able to vanish mosquitoes by using the appropriate and latest techniques. We have a team cares quickly perform requests with high accuracy .

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