Rodent Control

rodent control

About Rodents?

Rodents are kinds of mammals and their scientific name is “Mus”, Rodents  are the carrier of many serious infectious diseases to humans, they also cause significant damage to the crops in the fields and warehouses.

Rodents are divided in terms of ways of living to:

1. Interior rodents / stores – Houses /:

Adopt their nests inside homes and on the edges, and feed on human food and waste, and include: domestic rat and mouse ports.

2. Foreign rodents / farms and fields /:

  •  Rats coexist: that build their nests in the vicinity of houses and places feed on human food such as hamsters.
  •  Rats field: that build their nests in the agricultural fields, such as squirrels and voles.
  •  Wild rats: live away from the human and feed on wild plants such as shrew.


How infers the presence of rodents? 


Rodents can be inferred from the obvious effects that leave behind,  the accumulation of dirt, dust, or threaded spider over remnants of rodent activity guide.


The most important methods of inference are:

  •  Show live mice or  dead
  •  The presence of stool soft and shiny
  •  Active burrows
  •  Voices, loud noise
  •  The presence of black greasy stains on walls or ceilings or corridors
  •   Note  footprints and tails.


Damage rodents

  • Disease transmission:

Rodents are dirty animals intruding on human nutrition and a source of contamination of food and water, and the most important rodent-borne diseases: plague, typhus Rat, rat bite fever, meningitis, and the placenta and lymphatic which is transmitted to humans by feces of house mouse .

  • Economic damages:

Rodents eat all what human  eat especially grain and harm lies in the destruction of much more than that devoured or carried to hideouts in addition to polluting the place, food and urine amounts .


How to fight rodents?


1- Preventive ways: summarized in preventing the animal to enter the stores, warehouses, homes and other by closing doors and windows and make immunization and put garbage in the special bags and throw it in the garbage bins  and the lack of grain storage in the open and not the accumulation of materials stored with and placed in metal containers closed .

2. Mechanical ways: by destroying burrows and a deep peasant land and the use of traps for rodents .

3. Anti-vital: the use of dogs and cats, jackals, birds of prey and the use of bacteria and parasites that kill rodents .

4. Biological method: put adhesive near burrows in the field, working to install the mouse in place after leaving the burrow leading to the killing by natural enemies (Album – Weasel – Snakes …) .

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