Ticks control

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About ticks:

  The  parasitic ticks insect feed on the 8-legged insects, its outside shape is like an oval .
it can put the egg about 18000 eggs in one-time and it place the eggs on the leaves of the trees the forest parks or in the waste land, it’s also active in the spring and summer .

Ticks microscopic insect does not see with the naked eye, and there are more than 400 species of ticks, such as:
Chicken ticks ticks cow dog ticks ticks sheep .


Damage of ticks:

   Ticks are dangerous as they are an important source for the transfer of serious diseases from one object to another, if it bite human or absorption the blood, it may cause the transfer of many diseases, and therefore advised to wash  the sting spot befor going to the doctor .

Symptoms of infection:
Vomiting diarrhea  multiple failures for all members of the body.

Eliminate them:

  There are often ticks in all kinds of animals like dogs sheep and other cats .
 First we must  examine the existing animals in the house or barn so to make sure that any of the infected animals .
Spray all the animals inside the house or in the barn and the bed nets .
Keep the house clean and sanitize it from insects .

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