bed bug pest control and treatment using removal spray

bed bug control

BED BUG insect often has a Brown color and tiny size , with our bed bug treatment services we offer you can clean your home it often be founded at home as a result of found domesticated animals like cats and dogs ,  and we must get bed bug pest control , and other reason also exist as a result of

transfer of furniture from outside to inside the home .

It may be one bed bug but as soon as its deployment in the place they increase in Large

numbers and caused many damages to the inhabitants of this house . bed bugs do not build

community like ants ,but its often disappear in the side consummation or in any dark places they

are not active in the morning but in the evening , if the appear in your house ,you should contact with bed bug control company quickly.


Detriment of bed bug on human ?

Bed bug  feed mainly on human blood during his sleeping night  through its beak  , it is similar

to mosquito that have the same properties and natural anesthetic that make it’s prey does not feel it’s bite even after

the bed bug disappear ,but after he  feels it is bite his skin become red and the rate of his blood

reduce rabidly and the common damage that the bed bug cause is allergy.


How to control bed bugs ?

1- Exposing the bed to  the sun  daily , and if there was not  no sun rise  keep the room clean to prevent bed bugs .

2- Use household cleaners such as chlorine, as well as kerosene  keeps bugs away .

3- Keep the domesticated animals away until getting rid of this problem .


If the bedbugs number increase and you don’t have the ability to control it
call mazaya pest control we have special equipments  to get rid of this problem for ever .


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