Bee control

Bee control

About Bees:

  There are up to nearly 20,000 types of bees , bee is a social insect and living in groups, largest species of bees with a length of 20 millimeters and a smaller type of approximately 1 mm it called a honey bee .

Sense of taste when bees distinctive in that it distinguishes the house of sweet, salt, bitter, sour and concentrated in the olfactory antennae, which permeates the surface of a huge number of pores may reach about 500 000 type, also has a special way to communicate through some kind of movement .

The queen bee is the only one who marries into the cell and it is the only one that also put the eggs and one of the longest bee species as they live longer length  ranging to 4 or 5 years .

Bees damage:

   There is  damage from bee stings to human causing  allergic reactions, but ends with time .

 Eliminate it:

    First, it  must be disposal of beehive where the bees gathered and then the use of pesticides or boric acid, and should be cleaned houses and gardens constantly .


   We are working on the use of environmentally friendly materials, we also using  modern tools in order to ensure your health and your family’s health as we have coaches to the highest standards and team holds supported certificates in pest control  .


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