Mite Control

Mite control

About mites:

Mites are considered as a type of invertebrate. its have a small size body, it’s difficult to be seen by the human eye, and it can live in any environment wherever soil or water, also they can live as part of plants, animal scientists estimated that their numbers are huge .

as one female mite that can produce over 300 eggs in two weeks only and the small mites grow rapidly, mites considered a part of the spider family as they have six legs.

The mainly attractive factor for mites is dust , unclean  places  and  places of high humidity so  how to control the populations of
mites , mazaya pest control will help you and also introduce  many advices .


The damage that caused by mites

they have a bad effect on clothes, furniture and especially human body, they feed on unclean sweat clothes also feed on any part of the furniture and cause allergy for human even after their death as the allergy caused by their pickings.

How to control mites

1- Good ventilation for all parts of the house .
2- Washing all the furnishings on high temperature to kill mites . 

3- You can use natural plants such as the papers of the camphor tree for preventing mites .

If you can’t control the problem by mites mazaya pest control use special equipments and chemical spray does not effect on human health .

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