Spider Control

spider control

 About the Spiders:

   Spiders small-sized animal have eight legs and produce filament silk , spider spinning yarn which help it to catch prey , even the great ones of the spider’s web. Spiders tusks and glands mostly poisonous  where these canines and glands are used in killing human, insects and animals by small bites , spiders damage agricultural crops , causes diseases and there are some types of spiders which feeds on small fish and frogs and mice.   Spiders live in places where their food is available there as possible in:
(Fields – swamps – Forestry – deserts) and some of them there is always under water and some live in areas above the icy mountain peaks, as found in the houses.
The number of types of spiders to reach about 30 000 type has up to 100 000 type and some of them are very small in size and others in the size of the palm of the turtle .

Damage spiders:

Its often bite human  if it felt threatened and most bites spiders very harm and cause allergic reactions  .

As for the black widow and the brown spider hermit could be dangerous to human by its bite.

Elimination of spiders:

– The use of pesticides, but may be dangerous and need to be in large areas.
– The use of garlic solution.
– Attention to clean the house every day and getting rid of all the food waste.


   You can rely on us to eliminate spiders and all kinds of annoying insects, we use environmentally friendly means to ensure your health and your family’s health.

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